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Staphon. What do you do?

Well Internet Mystery Person, I'll tell you this: My Dad was a computer teacher and my mom was an art major. I love technology and art and when I found out in high school that Graphic Design combined the two, I took off and never looked back. I majored in Graphic Design in College while working in the IT field. I've since jumped into the world of Branding and Identity (as well as over a 7ft Bar... story for another time) at a firm that allows me to wrestle with a wide range of design (logos, websites, a yoga mat, t-shirts, business cards, wireframes, UI Icon Design, etc.)

So to answer your question, I walk dogs.

As much as I like Superman,
I don't have Super Powers

"But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career."

Web Design

I've loved web design ever since my first site in High School. I love the way it evolves, and exploring the ins and outs of making a site that is intuitive, simple, and informative all at once.

Print Design

Who said print is dead? It's not. I've trained for over the last 2 years under the direction of a Creative Director who worked his way through the ranks on Print Design. Yeah, I know PMS colors.

Customer Support

I worked in Azusa Pacific University's Information & Media Technology (IMT) Support Desk for over a year. In that time I had quite a bit of customer interaction and got my HDI certification.

IT Background

My Dad was a computer teacher, so my passion for tech is in my DNA. I worked for the IMT Department at APU for 6 years in various IT rolls with some great techs. You could say I know a thing or two.

Brand & Culture Conversation

I've spent the last 2.5 years working at Versatyle Design Inc., a Branding and Identity Firm specializing in company brand consulting, design, and culture shifting.

UI Design

The user experience is somewhat of a passion of mine. I love exploring the best way to heighten the User's Experience through design and intuitive navigation.


I've been drawing since I was old enough to hold a crayon. It's a passion of mine in and out of the "office" environment. Take a look on my DeviantArt page.

Something New?

I'm always open to learning new skills. Let me know if you have something in mind.

I'm a Visual person

If you are as well, then take a look at what I do.

Staphon Arnold

This is my personal brand. Take a look.

Canaan Partners

I got to work with Versatyle to help create their new corporate website and even got to go on set to their promo video.

Scan, Inc.

I got the chance to work directly with the CEO of Scan, Inc.

Rolling Hills

I got the chance to work on the complete rebranding of Rolling Hills Community Church

Pelion VP

Pelion VP was a joy to work with. See what I got to do with them!

Streets of Hope

I was lucky enough to be able to work on this project to help give them a full Brand overhaul as well as a new website.

Chase What Matters

Here is a sermon series theme I did for RHCC

The Great ADVENTure

Here is a sermon series design I did for RHCC

Walk This Way

Here is a sermon series design on the book of Ephesians I did for RHCC

Love, John

Here is a sermon series design on John I did for RHCC

ACS Publication Poster

Poster design for ACS Publication

What do you think of Staphon?

“I give Staphon a 9 out of 10. Why not a 10? I save those for Unicorns ;) Why the 9? Because you are seriously awesome. Was impressed in a number of different ways. From how you conduct yourself, to your style, to your knack and understanding for the tech space. It’s obvious that you put your heart into everything you do and that you understand the value of true hard work.”

Garrett Gee - Scan, Inc.


“Interactive is where we have seen Staphon really set himself apart. He is able to crunch data and work through the analytical aspect of web development. He has a strong understanding of the development process and works well with the interactive teams. He has also grown in his understanding of Wordpress and general site upkeep and setup.”

Versatyle Design Inc.

In my review after finishing my Internship.