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I currently work for  

Versatyle Design

Keep an eye on my portfolio to see more in the coming months!


My Portfolio

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    2013 Resumé

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    My Logo

    This is my logo...
  • p2

    Color Event Poster

    A poster for a dance event called Color...
  • Gospel Sing 2010

    Gospel Sing 2010 Poster

          This is the Gospel Sing Poster that I designed for Azusa Pacific in ...
  • Rezlife 5K Poster

    Rezlife 5K Poster

      Here is the poster I did for the Rezlife 5k campaign I did for Azusa Pacific University while I was the Rezlife Intern...
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Projects I’ve Done

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  • ritual
  • chase

In my spare time I like to brush up my Illustration skills.

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