Drop the ‘Digital’


I was pointed to a recent blog post by Chase Jarvis a few minutes ago, which talked about Digital Photography. I thought it would be beneficial to share it with you!


I heard it again yesterday for the billionth time: “Digital Photography”. Isn’t it time we drop the word ‘digital’?

Seems we’ve managed to drop the “electric” from “electric guitar” in common parlance.

We found it easy to drop the word “acrylic” from “acrylic painting” when that came on the scene with oils.

We quickly ditched the “digital” from “digital music” when it took the lead over records and tapes and CDs.

I suppose by-and-large our industry has dropped the word, but given that digital and analog photography are fundamentally the same thing, isn’t it time we implore the rest of the world to assimilate the term “digital photography” back into “photography” as a whole?

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