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"Why not a 10? I save those for Unicorns ;) Why the 9? Because you are seriously awesome. Was impressed in a number of different ways. From how you conduct yourself, to your style, to your knack and understanding for the tech space. It's obvious that you put your heart into everything you do and that you understand the value of true hard work." -Garrett Gee, CEO of Scan, Inc.



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I don't blog very often, but when I do, I do it here:

I am on the verge of trying to get Tumblr Working for this section. See what I have so far at -12/03/2012

I'm currently working on a way to get the blog to show right from here. So when you see the Tardis pop up, know that that could possibly be one of the things I am working on. 11/27/2012
First, and most important, I am a Christian who believes that the Lord is my creator and father. I am 24 years old and, according to my BA from Azusa Pacific University, I am officially a Graphic Designer.
On top of Graphic Design and Art, I am also a Computer Technician. Putting these two skills together gives me a well rounded balance of Design that works well as well as looks good.

Garrett Gee |

I found this CEO of Scan, Inc. online and have since developed a fantastic relationship with him after working with him and his company for a couple of weeks. A great experience and a great person.

Tara Fisher |

A friend of a friend, this blooming artist is making her way through the world wide web and spreading her art all over it.

Current Projects

I have just finished a project working with Scan, inc. and am now available for other projects. Drop me an e-mail if you need something done.

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Easy Terminal Alternative (eta) Scan, Inc.