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Potty Training

2020 | Personal

Potty Training is the personal story of when I took on the most difficult task I’ve ever taken on as a parent.

Dragon Heart

2019 | Drama Fiction

This is a scene from the 1996 Live Action Film Dragon Heart. The script pages are from a little ways into the movie, during a deep conversation with Bowen and the Dragon.

Train Heist

2019 | Western Action Thriller

The train heist is a famous story assignment in the industry (especially at PIXAR) where you are given the beats of a heist and you fill in the gaps with Story, Characters, and Creativity!

Scouts and Obstacles

2018 | Coming of Age, Adventure

“Tell a story of a boy scout helping an elder person cross the street with obstacles.”

Happy Birthday Mewtwo

2018 | Action

“You want to be a story artist? Ok, do a story and show me in 2 weeks.”

This was the 1st story I worked on with my mentor. We spent a couple weeks on it, 3 passes total, and then put it away.This is the story of a Pokemon Go Raid against Mewtwo, seen from his POV as a hatched Raid Egg.

Alarm Clock

2019 | Personal

My daughter Zoë likes to be my alarm clock early in the morning. One day I pretended not to “wake up” when she wanted me to.

Scene Analysis

The Dark Knight - Why So Serious?

2019 | Dramatic Scene/Violence