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Super Colorado

2020 | Personal

Super Colorado is a short less than 50 panel story of my first solo visit to Colorado when I was 7 years old to visit my Grandpa.

Dragon Heart

2019 | Drama Fiction

This is a scene from the 1996 Live Action Film Dragon Heart. The script pages are from a little ways into the movie, during a deep conversation with Bowen and the Dragon.

Current Projects

A Pixar Co-Op with Director Brian Vidal

Head of Story / Story Artist

Responsibilities include:

  • Story boarding from script
  • Managing a team of seven¬†talented story artists with weekly meetings and one on one check-ins to get their shots ready for submission
  • Meetings with directors to discuss changes and visual story flow
  • Story Supervisor roles; organizing shot and panels, coordinating meetings and zoom sessions, relaying information via email and Slack.

Samples available upon request

Comic Book for A Tech Company's Internal Training

Story Artist / Illustrator

Responsibilities include:

  • Boarding, Inking, and Comic Book Layout from a story script
  • Adapting comic for mobile viewing
  • Character and Environment design/concept art

Samples available upon request

Scene Analysis

The Dark Knight - Why So Serious?

2019 | Dramatic Scene/Violence

Outer Banks - Lighthouse Shot Progression

2020 | Dramatic Shot Progression Study

Marriage Story - Counseling session

2020 | 3 Person Dramatic Dialogue | Shot progression, framing, & exposition study

Fun Boards

Video Game Diary of a Dad

Bug. Bus. Fight

Constant Distractions